Workshop Offering to Introduce Managers to the Benefits of Workplace Flexibility

By: Audrey Adelson, MSW, WLCP

August 25, 2014


This is a one hour introductory workshop open to any university manager that has an interest in creating a more flexible work environment within their business unit at Emory. The session will be conducted by Audrey Adelson, Work-Life Consultant at the Emory WorkLife Resource Center. Ms. Adelson will lead managers through a discussion about what is meant by work-life and workplace flexibility. She will discuss the drivers and impact of flexibility today in the workplace and shed light on the current state of flexibility at Emory.


The session will also point out top concerns expressed by managers when implementing flexible work arrangements. The end of the session will promote manager awareness to resources available at Emory for those interested in exploring new ways of looking at how, where and when work can be accomplished in order to better manage both work and personal effectiveness.


Register now! Seating is limited and will fill quickly.


Flex Information Session: An Introduction to the Benefits of Workplace Flexibility
October 06, 2014
11 – 12 PM
1599 Clifton Rd. Bldg. - Room 1.432